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We are a general cargo logistics company based out of Monterrey, Mexico. With a focus on steel, and other break-bulk commodities, we offer; stevedoring, warehousing, trucking, rail, and ocean freight services for both import and export shipments. Our clients typically include steel and commodity producers, ship lines, service centers, and trading companies. Audaxia is comprised of a team of seasoned, multi-national executives who are dedicated to having a positive and creative influence on the traditional shipping industry in Mexico. We wish to bring an invigorating affect to general cargo logistics; one that offers vitality and originality to the conservative marketplace. The Audaxia philosophy is based on intelligent business practice, and an elevated customer service standard. A philosophy which offers an engaging professional experience, and ultimately steers the totality of our shipping enterprise.

Actively seeking high caliber individuals to work with us within the maritime and overland shipping worlds focused on Mexico.

We are actively searching for high quality, and reliable, people to help us in our effort. A search for the international business class of exceptional caliber. Those possessing a fierce determination for success, and desire to create something special.

Audaxia seeks those interested in being part of a unique shipping experience. If you feel you wish to be a part of our new group, please reach out to us so that we may consider your application.

Send your CV to the following email address, and thank you for your interest in Audaxia:

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Audaxia in Latin means bold, brave and daring.

Audaxia is Latin meaning audacious, valiant, and daring. It is defined as ‘showing courage and determination while possessing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks’. This intrepid concept is the essence of how we undertake all things in shipping. And it is the signature emotion behind our grand objective. Audaxia exists to provide an elevated shipping experience, with smart results, stemming from disciplined effort. A shipping experience which keeps modernity and sophistication close at heart while maintaining proven and classical practice at our center.

Inspired by French artist Yves Klein, this bold color speaks for our company.

In 1960, French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962) registered a paint formula under the name International Klein Blue (IKB) with the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle in Paris. Throughout most of his career, Yves Klein had used blue to create incredible works of modern art; acrylics, sculptures, and even performance art. In what became some of his most renown pieces of performance work, he painted models’ naked bodies in his signature blue color and guided them over a large blank canvas in front of a captivated audience during a lively Parisian evening fueled with music and drink. This invigorating ultramarine pigment became his mark, and effectively became the art itself. He used many wild variations of blue in his short life and career, and we have proudly chosen one of them as our company color. In a bow to him, and to international modern art around the globe, we hope to achieve a similar representative affect. To have this color speak for our company, and to symbolize our efforts. Indeed, it is part of our greater work.

We believe in the social responsibility to consider presentation in all things that involve the public domain. And because our trucks and equipment operate on public highways, use public facilities, and share our public life, we felt obligated to present a company (and its equipment) in a sophisticated way. Something to enhance our visual surroundings.

Our color, Yves Klein Blue, is a result of precisely that consideration.

Our design is a representation of movement, unity, and boldness.

Like many other organizations which are proud of the work they do, we dedicated a great deal of time and consideration to creating a symbol that could represent our endeavor in a simple, smart, and sincere way. The result of that work is the design you see here.

One which represents movement, unity, and boldness.

After much investigation, we settled on two basic geometric shapes which for us brought simplicity and sophistication to the design; the circle and the square. Nothing more. Two circles in the center, and two squares on opposing upper and lower corners. The two centered circles create a focal point, while the two squares on opposite sides complement each other and balance out the design engaging feelings of cooperation.

Circles come to represent precision, commitment, and infinity. Greek philosopher Pythagoras considered the circle to be the most perfect creative form. One without beginning or end, without sides or corners. A form he called “monad”. The circle can be found in cultures across the globe and through out history symbolizing perfection, enlightenment, and honesty. Characteristics we value immensely. The square has been known to represent orientation and directionality, considering the four principle directions; North, South, East, and West. It also represents a solid perfection, similar to that of the circle, but one which brings emotions of dependability, order, and balance; widely viewed as an honest symbol of permanence, security, and safety.

The essence of our value system is comprised by those traits mentioned above, specifically; honesty, dependability, and boldness.

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